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Medical Standby

Moblie Treatment Centers (MTC's)


Fully capable and certified fleet of MTC's available for all industrial, commercial and emergency sites. Our MTC's both meet and exceed minimum standards for equipment required on mobile treatment center's and can successfully watch over, treat and transport any medical situations that may arise during working operations.

Emergency Transport Vehicles (ETV's)


Our emergency and standby ETV services can be ready and respond at a moments notice. Fully stocked and manned by qualified/certified medics with professional experience in the EMS field

Trained and Certified Medics (EMR's & EMT's)


All NWFR medics are fully trained, qualifed and certified with provincial bodies and legislation to give you the most in-depth and responsible medical assistance available. With our profesional Medical Director onstaff and available 24/7, NWFR Medics are ready and eager to respond to any of your medical needs.

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