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H2S and Supplied Air Operations

Supplied Air Trailers

We offer a wide variety of Supplied Air systems for any area of work you may need. From Drilling rigs and Service rigs to Fracs and Pipeline construction, Northwest Fire Rescue has what you need to get the job done economically and safely.

Site/Man Watch

Northwest Fire offers safety standby services neccessary to monitor and protect workers working alone or in small groups. We make sure your workers make it home at the end of every shift.

Click Here for the IRP of Sour Gas Operations in Canada
Air Monitoring Systems

We offer Trademarked OTIS monitoring systems that remotely monitor designated potentially hazardous locations on site. Our OTIS systems are very different from the conventional competitor systems used widely throughout the industry. The big difference between the two mainly utilized systems is that OTIS systems simply never false alarm. This ensures that your workers don't get complacent to hearing the system go off frequently and in turn offering better protection for you and your crew. OTIS monitoring systems are the most accurate H2S and LEL monitoring systems available today.

ERP and Development

Ever get tired of drafting lengthly Emergency Response Plans? Northwest Fire Rescue can do it for you. We have some of the highest trained emergency personelle in the industry who are more than capable of designing a flawless Emergency Response Plan for your site. Our personelle will make sure that your safety and the safety of your workers is our top priority.


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